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Epic Sweat Quest

Together we will hustle, train, sparkle, burn…find the fierce diesel goddess within one class at a time!

The past few months I have struggled with a mysterious knee injury. It has gotten in the way of my typical run and gym routine. I fought it with every modification you can imagine. Then I surrendered and surrendered some more. I took some time off and began to concentrate on yoga.

So, I realized everyone goes through something similar at some point. We all have some uncertainty of what to do in our fitness life. Sometimes it’s due to pregnancy or an injury. Some of us want to be fit but cannot find the time, a workout or gym that we love and can stick with.

So, I decided to focus on the solution and share with all of you in the hopes of inspiring others to find their path.

It’s amazing when we find a gym or studio that feels like home. It is so personal. Some of us like to be left alone while others want a sense of community and camaraderie. Some of us have no idea what works for us. So I decided to start this sweat quest and share with all of you my findings. Hopefully along the way some of you will join and find the workout that fits your goals for a healthier you.


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