I have a sexy secret every day

I recently had a conversation with my sister the other day about body image. We work so hard to get the body we think we want.  Sadly, sometimes that does not equal the joy and confidence some others seem to have so effortlessly.  Their bodies are not better than most of us.  The have an extra piece of the puzzle figured out.  They love their bodies.

We diet. We run. We lift weights. We wax and laser. We buy all the beauty products. Hair. Skin. The right jeans. The right shoes. A nip and tuck for some of us. A little shot of botox and then we will look the way we want. The truth is sometimes none of that works.   We don’t find our confidence in our body or our beauty from anything external.

Self confidence is not available in any store. It is not for sale. It comes from within. The last few weeks I have been sharing some of my tope secrets for finding that feeling. Today I have possibly my best tool.


Maybe sexy isn’t your priority. But, humor me and think outside the box. Sexy to me is that feeling of confidence and self love you get when you are comfortable in your own skin. You put on the bathing suit and don’t stress about the little bumps and rolls. You put it on and feel…happy with you.

So, what could your sexy secret be?? Well…everyone is different. I like to wear sexy undergarments even when I got to do the grocery shopping. In the summer I like to do my errands in a sexy , strappy shoe – and maybe I leave my bra at home (I can’t tell you ALL of my secrets).

Your secret weapon can be something small or big. Maybe your secret is singing in the shower like a diva. Maybe you have a dance party in your panties before you get dressed for the day. Try some fun, silly, sexy practices on for size. There is no right or wrong. Do what works for you.

The bottom line is get playful. Start having fun in your life. Soon you will see that getting the work done is so much easier. Life flows better when we are confident and at ease in our own skin. You are beautiful. You are a bright light. Let yourself shine. There is no one quite like you.


Love and light,




PS. If any of this speaks to you I am confident I can help you be more vivacious, eat healthier, start moving and well…find your best self!  Set up a FREE consultation with me today to talk about what you need and want for your body and your life!!