ConBody – Do The Time

I am always on the lookout to add to my Epic Sweat Quest. It started with the idea that there are many ways to work out and there is no one right way to do it. Some people starting out don’t know what they like and need ideas. I also had in mind people like myself who have been working out for a long time and need to switch things up due to an injury. In that time I have tried a ton of new things I love. That said, ConBody kicked my ass harder than anyone else. And…it felt more like home than anywhere else I have visited.


I stumbled on an article about a studio that was started by a man who spent several years in prison and got fit on his own while there. These workouts can be done in a small space and without equipment. Ok, they had me from the start…because I love sharing something very different. The difference is this isn’t a gimmick. These guys are the real deal and they have an opportunity to make a difference in the fitness game (in my humble opinion).

Here is what I loved about their place:

– The vibe is NOT chic. Too many NYC bootcamps charge a premium and are NOT the real deal. You don’t have to yell at me while I do burpees AND rip me off
– Back to BASICS! Get in their “cell” do body work, push hard, move fast, sweat your ass off
– This is a place where you will use a regular bench for your dips, and bars for your TRX pulls. No BS, no fancy equipment. I noticed some battling ropes in the back but not much else
– The trainer I worked with (Sultan – AMAZING) was top notch. He pushed everyone in the room, was encouraging, but did not let anyone slack!
– The members I spoke to while there were encouraging and had nothing but praise for this place. That says a lot!
– They employ ex-cons and are all about second chances. I believe strongly in that! Second chances are everything for some of us!

Here is the best part, As of October they will be making available live stream memberships available. For a small fee you can do these workouts at home. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this. So now, you don’t need to live in NYC and get to the lower east side for their workout. They have sold the idea that you can get an amazing workout in a little space with no equipment – and now you can actually do that at home – led by them. GENIUS and wow on the convenience.

Check them out here online and get up ad go drop in for a class in person. I have travelled around town trying new places and I promise you it is always a ton of fun. Life is too short to get stuck in a rut. Get out there and shake things up!

Love and Light