Are you ready for a comeback?? We all need one….every so often

Maybe I am an eternal optimist, but I think…

You are one giant mistake away from a great new chapter in your life!!!

Life is funny. We are all full of spit and vinegar when we are young. Then all too often life kicks us in the balls. So to speak. I’m no different.

I started out a good girl student. I graduated cum laude. I went to work. I got married. I had 2 beautiful babies. Then shit happened.

We all face challenges.  The details are not all the same but in truth my story is no different than a lot of others.  I gained weight, lost it, got divorced, set out to raise 2 autistic kids on my own, started running, lifting weights, and yoga to take care of me.  Honestly, I have had a LOT of comebacks the last few years. Every last one of them, big and small, has been an exciting education.  Every time I think I am back life throws something new at me.  The trick is now I know we are always a work in progress.

Here are some of my secrets to how I got back on my feet.  Post divorce I did something that a lot of people just don’t do. I focused solely on me and my children. I did homework and taught them at home after school. I made dinner every night. I ran and lifted weights. I ate my vegetables. I MOSTLY ignored what my ex was up to. I did my best to operate with dignity. I was working on my comeback without really knowing it.

I ended a chapter in my life and honestly just started thinking about all of the good things I could now make room for. That said, I think I underestimated how long it would take for things to get better. Ignorance is usually bliss – so that was a good thing.   As my dear friend always says…karma is right around the corner…just taking a little longer than I thought.

This is me and my boy about a month and half after splitting with my ex. My kids were tiny, sister getting married and here I was starting over. It was an interesting time to say the least!


So, I keep making comebacks. That my friends is what life is all about. We shift, figure things out and then all of a sudden things change again. We have to keep rolling with the punches and leaning into the changes.


So here are 5 quick tips for your own personal comeback:


1 – Journal every day – write down your hopes and dreams. The first step is knowing what you want for yourself.

2 – Surround yourself with an amazing tribe – I made a fabulous group of friends after my divorce. They have been my light and support. They are the people that make me laugh and have been there for me when things weren’t so easy.

3 – Eat, sleep, move and repeat – Eat real food, get your z’s and get your body active. It can be as simple as a walk every day. Just get out there and move.

4 – Treat yourself every so often – All too often we get caught up in caring the kids, working, working out…you name it. We forget to pause and do something just for us. Maybe it’s a beach day or a manicure. Maybe it’s a new pair of shoes. The point is, put yourself on the priority list.

5- Laugh – Laugh at yourself. Laugh at someone else. Just laugh. If you lose your sense of humor you are done. Life is full of ups and downs but it can also just be outright funny. Find the humor wherever you can.



If you have read this far then you should get ready. You wanted to hear what I had to say because you sense you need a comeback too. You have it in you. It’s on the horizon. Get ready to go for it.


Love and light,