Find a tribe, make a tribe, be our own true WOMAN

I am privileged and blessed to call some of the finest women I know friends. I have expanded my circle in the last few years to include some of the most uplifting and supportive chicks around. I did not always find this easy. Maybe with age comes wisdom. However, I would like to think we are living in a time of revolution. Maybe just maybe women are finally getting it that there are strength in numbers and when we lift ach other up life is good.

So, I propose everyone join this revolution! Make a commitment to stop accepting the following:

Petty behavior
Backhanded compliments
Women who want to compete with us…that seem to have something to prove
Body shaming
One up-manship
The need to feel as if we need to be all things to all people
Hmmmm….and how about we just operate at our OWN comfort level – not following a standard set by society?

I have always thought of myself as the sort of woman that has a lot of male friends because women do not make the best friends. I was wrong. Petty girls do not make the best friends. Real, strong, positive women make the best friends.

My tribe makes my life so much better. We are a diverse group that have each other’s backs, encourage one another, and make each other laugh. It is truly a gift. The best part is I realized this past weekend that this tribe is growing. The further down this path I go the more amazing women I meet. It is truly beautiful and has made my life so much happier than I could ever have dreamed.

I have learned that women (or people in general) who judge us are really just insecure people judging themselves. I will no longer hang around with anyone who just wants to sit and discuss other people.

No one should have to justify the way they look or what they eat. We are all adults and live with the choices we make. Body shaming each other has to stop. That includes ourselves…love your body where it is at today!

I am competitive – WITH MYSELF. I want to be better each day. I strive to grow, evolve and become stronger than the day before. I do not do that by comparing myself to others. Comparison makes me insecure and weak. We all start where we are today and work with the gifts we have. Some of the strongest and fastest women I know are also the most humble. I am grateful to see these beautiful creatures all around me.

I do not need to be part of any boys club to get ahead in this world. Our world is ever changing. I look around and notice that my tribe is growing. There are more and more of us standing up and promoting good healthy lives.

I think this should just go without saying but just be your best self. Be your best self – no apologies. Bring your gifts to this world. Support your sisters as they bring their gifts. Be part of the sisterhood. Be the solution. Support and empower. Don’t kowtow. Do not conform to what you think you should be. Just be your beautiful and bold self. Be vivacious and have the audacity to live out loud.

So – stand up for each other. Lift each other up. Don’t criticize your sisters for their appearance. If you wish you had legs like theirs just tell them so. Maybe they will share how much they wish they had your hair or even wit. Together we are unstoppable.

Vive la revolution!!

Love and light,