And then I found Boutique Fitness in Brooklyn!

The next stop in my fitness quest is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – The Living Room Brooklyn NY. Let’s start by saying I LOVE THIS PLACE. A good number of studios we read about when we visit their website claim to offer personalized services and attention to all of the details of you. Erica Robertiello is the owner and my instructor for the classes I attended.  She takes her clients and workout seriously and it shows.


VIBE:  Cool and inviting. Erica is hands on, knowledgeable and friendly. I came to her at a time when my knee was bothering me. I was frustrated and looking for something challenging that I could do while injured. She got it that it was hard for me to take a step back from my usual routine and offered me classes that made me feel like I was in my element even though it was extremely different from what I had been doing the last few years.

SCHEDULE:  Like any true small studio the classes are very specific. There is an early morning offering and 2 evening classes most days. Wednesday offers extra mid morning classes. Saturday and Sunday there are 2 morning classes.

PRICING: You can purchase a drop in as well as several different class cards. Additionally, there are 2 membership options – limited or unlimited.

CLASS SIZE: There really are only 5 people in the class. Erica will remember your name and pay attention to you. Form will be noticed and you will be called out. I love this aspect!

EXTRAS: As a studio that offers personalized service they also have a Physical Therapist that you can work with if need be, as well as having a great network of holistic professionals such as chiropractors, massage therapists, yoga and pilates instructors, and nutritionists.

PARKING:   For anyone who is not from Brooklyn or familiar with Williamsburg let me ease your worries – I found parking easily every time I went there. I know Williamsburg has gotten wildly popular but on street parking very close by is not an issue.

THE SPACE: The studio is small and inviting. There is space downstairs for you to stash your belongings and wait for class to begin.  There is also space for massages there and a bathroom with a shower.


I sampled two of her classes – “Not Your Momma’s Pilates” and “Balanced Body.

Not Your Momma’s Pilates:

  • 60 Minutes
  • I love this because it really mixed things up – we used bands and weights, did stability work as well as high intensity cardio exercises and core work
  • I love the feeling of not being sure what is coming next
  • At a time when I was having trouble balancing between pushing myself and not hurting myself this class was a welcome breathe of fresh air. I felt like the movements were challenging but I was not needing to modify EVERYTHING
  • You will definitely work both dynamically and on specific small muscle groups.
  • The day I went we did a Tabata workout. LOVE


Balanced Body:

  • Most of the work in this 60 minute class is done with a foam roller
  • Erica recommended this for me as I had explained to her that my quest for new workouts started with a knee that wouldn’t cooperate with what I have become accustomed to doing.
  • This class hurts so good! It can be intense at times especially if you have points in the body that are very tight
  • I brought my friend Jen,, with me for this. As a woman that runs many miles per week she needed the roll out. I checked in with her the next day as she had a run planed for the next day and she said her legs felt completely BRAND NEW.
  • This is a great addition to anyone’s workout routine but especially runners and those of us that lift lots of heavy weight. All too often we take time for the extra mile or the pull up practice but not for stretching. We don’t pay attention until our bodies yell at us!!

Don’t take my word for it, check it out. The first class is only $15 and worth every penny. Take a ride to Brooklyn and get yourself a first class workout!  Tell Erica I sent you.