Hot Yoga – the Powerflow Yoga Way

I always tell my non-yogi gym friends to try yoga. They think about it. They think they “should”. They also don’t think it is for them. Then I make my pitch. Yoga is like pizza, no 2 are exactly the same. I tell them try some hot power yoga. I say it’s not the yoga you are imagining. Honestly, it is a great way to get type “a” people in the door.

I tried it out myself with no knowledge of what it was a bunch of years back while I was preparing for a race. I never have been in 100% because there are only so many hours in the day and I was running half marathons and lifting weights in between my time on the mat. So in all honesty – I don’t have a headstand in my practice or crow. Ok, I said it out loud. Whew.

HOWEVER, I have now tried pizza – I mean yoga – all over the tri state area. I have practiced Hatha, Sivananda, Kundalini, aerial yoga…you name it. I have learned a lot of new important lessons that have enhanced my practice on and off the mat. But, if I am being honest hot power yoga is a bit like a first love. I keep coming back to it because it has me in its grip. I love it.

I have shared with you about lots of places I have practiced and now I have another great find for anyone in the Bergen/Essex/Morris/Hudson county area. When I first checked out the website for Powerflow Yoga I was looking at them because I wanted to see what Hoboken had to offer yogis. Then I noticed a huge list of locations:

Glen Rock

Wow! Here is the amazing part – it is not a chain. These studios are privately owned by the same person and members can utilize all of these locations (they have different membership packages – check out the website). You can check out the “About” section of their website to get the full story. It is a fabulous one! Score for you folks in that direction!

I checked out the Hoboken studio and have lots of awesome things to say. I spoke to the location manager ahead of visiting and felt right away this studio was inviting and a good fit for me. I look for a place that has a very clear vision of what they can offer their clients but also is knowledgeable about the rest of the yoga community. That may seem like a small detail but I think it is key. Yogis, – like runners, weight lifters, and the like can get so caught up in pushing what they are doing they forget to see that there are different ways to practice. It was so nice to chat with this lovely young woman about yoga on and off the mat.

Here are some of the things I thought were fabulous about the studio and why you may find this a good place to practice:

1 – They actually have a place for you to hang your mat! So, if Hoboken is your home studio and you don’t want to go back and forth with your mat all of the time you not only can keep it there – it will have a nice home where you can hang it up! Love this.

2 – My instructor was an awesome dude. I had a good feeling about him as he rode his bike there on a freezing cold day and I was right. He led a wonderful class. It was challenging but also interesting. For instance, he had us rising up on both sides of the mat throughout the class. So often we know what is going to happen in each sun salutation and get lazy in in our practice. Changing direction throughout the class keeps you mentally checked in – it reminds us that we do not know what is coming next.

3 – They have classes specifically aimed at athletes and beginners. I know so many people that work out a lot who would greatly benefit from moving their bodies in new ways but don’t because they don’t know yoga or think it is not for athletes. So many of us wait until our hamstrings are so tight we have no choice but to try something new.

4 – They offer lots of workshops and as they have ten locations it seems as if they have something for everyone. I love learning something new, meeting new people and being part of the yoga community. Workshops allow for all of that.

5 – The Powerflow website does a great job of explaining what to expect, bring, eat and drink to those who aren’t familiar with the practice. This makes them a great option for new yogis. Those of us that have been at it for a while forget to explain what to expect to a first timer.

Check them out:

There are a lot of packages for new members to try them out and see if it is your yoga “home”. Also, check out their workshops and events. March 18th they are having a Yogathon at Montclair State University to raise money for kids and teens in foster care. I am going to do my best to put together a team and attend myself. Yoga is about the breathe and the postures but it is also about community and giving back. Check it out – get involved!

Love and light,