Tuning into Intuition

A few months ago if you asked me what my gut was telling me to do I would not have had a clue. Life felt very complicated and heavy. I knew that things felt “wrong” but I was not sure how to simplify and I certainly had no idea about how to get happy again. I did not have any answers, but more importantly I did not know how to go about finding my answers. I felt like my intuition was completely lost!

Looking back now I realize that was just silly. Intuition cannot be lost. However, there are times in our lives when there is so much white noise we don’t hear our inner guide. We don’t see the signs. We feel lost. I really and truly felt my path was obscured. I didn’t feel hopeless but I definitely had no idea how to get my inner compass back on track.

Today, I can say with confidence that I am on my path again. I am learning to tune into what I want and need. I have come to terms with the past and learned the lessons I needed from those experiences. Most importantly, I have finally cut my ties with the past.

In the last past few months I have kept an extensive journal – more than I have in my entire life. I have learned to tap into MY infinite wisdom. On occasion when I have felt uncertain I have asked the universe for a sign. The first time I did it the answer was crystal clear and pretty much delivered to me with a bow on top. More recently I have asked again. Maybe the new questions I have asked are a little more complicated. The answers have not been as clear or forthcoming. That’s ok though. I am patient and for the first time in a long time feel completely dialed in.

Here are some tools I have utilized:

– Practice some form of self care every day
– Journal every morning before the day begins
– Ask the universe for guidance/pray/chant…whatever form of communication I choose in the moment!
– Yoga and mediation – take time to breathe and get clear
– Reiki

If I had to sum it up I would say that I stopped looking outward. I began a journey inward. I looked back on some of the key choices I made in my life that brought me to this moment in time. I came to peace with it. Every step we take on our path is there for a reason. Also, I started to live my life to the fullest! I have embarked on a very personal adventure that I have chosen to share and it feels amazing.

So every day now I wake up and put one foot in front of the other to make my dreams come true. I am not there yet but I am already living a life that was beyond my wildest dreams 4 months ago. Additionally, my sleeping dreams have become more vivid and plentiful – and I am remembering them. That is a HUGE shift for me. I believe that is a sign of the bigger shift. I am no longer lost. I am dialed in! The sky is the limit. Each day I get a little closer to achieving my goals. Life is beautiful. I leave you with this amazing Wayne dyer quote that I first heard a year ago at a Gabby Bernstein event in Montauk…

You will see it when you believe it!

Today I truly believe and ask you to take the leap and believe as well!

Love and Light