How Did I Get Here???

Last week my children went away for the week with their dad as they typically do at the end of August. For the first time since 2009 I actually went away myself. It was not too exotic and definitely not luxurious but I packed my bags and got out of town. Progress not perfection.


I decided to create a yoga retreat for myself. It was perfect. It was super reasonable in price, in the beautiful Catskills and days packed with yoga and meditation.

I was originally going to write about this as part of my series on trying new things because this qualifies then I realized a more interesting piece is about what this meant to me.

The days included 2 two hour Hatha Yoga classes per day and 2 meditations sessions per day. The mediation sessions took place in the temple and included 25 minutes of silent meditation as well as chanting prayers. So this was so different from what I am familiar with and definitely out of my comfort zone.

So, as went to the temple the first evening I arrived and began to chant about Krishna I could not help but feel like I was having a bit of an outer body experience. I was game and open minded but it was definitely different from my typical practice. The closest I have come to this is practicing Kundalini yoga and this was like that x100. So, at some point I thought to myself,


The short answer might be I drove to the Catskills for a few days to do yoga because I love yoga and couldn’t afford a chic vacation in Miami. However, there is more to the story. I came to a place in my life in June where I decided to start to really dig deep and work on me. For the first time in a very long time I put myself first.

I made a decision in May/June to make a ton of changes in my life. In a lot of ways this blog is a journal following the path I chose at that point. I decided to say yes to a life that centered around joy for me and my children. It started with embarking on new adventures and sharing them with you. It has been so much fun and every time I do a gut check I am sure I am still on the right path.

This retreat was definitely the next step in my evolution. I was given the chance to get away completely alone and become more conscious of myself. So, how did I get here? I guess at first glance I thought to myself….a lot of missteps or mistakes brought me to a place in my life where I was away alone in meditation while my children were off cruising. I guess on some level that is true. But then, I asked myself this question….

“What if all my missteps led me to this time in my life for a bigger purpose?”

If we really surrender to the universe and believe there is a bigger plan then there are no mistakes. There are just different paths. It reminds me of those activity book puzzles from my childhood. You follow a path and sometimes you come to a dead end so you back track and try again.

So the bigger question becomes not how did I get here…but why am I here? The universe, God, whatever you believe in…has a bigger and better plan for me. I honestly believe that. What a beautiful epiphany. Can you believe that is true for you too?? Have faith and let go. Follow your gut. Try new things. Believe in the beauty of the universe.


Love and Light