SURFING – Working it in the ocean!

What would my foray into alternative workouts be without an excursion into the ocean over the summer? My first thought was water, no impact on the knee. Then, I realized I have to do a lot of popping up. So, here is the 411 on my first foray into the surf!


WHERE: I decided to take a drive to Rockaway Beach, NY. I have heard the town has been having a renaissance of sorts and it is fairly close to home. This is especially convenient to those of you living in the other boroughs. If you can’t drive you can always take a subway or bus. NICE! Specifically, they are on the beacht at 67th Street.

WHO: Locals Surf School – They are accredited with the Nationals Surf Schools and Instructors Association so that seemed like a good choice locally. They were able to squeeze me into a group lesson on 4th of July weekend at the last minute and their website offers a number for you to text them anytime with questions so that was a huge plus for me.

What they offer: Group, Semi-Private, Private, lesson packages, Kids Surf Camp, Kids Skate Camp, Outings/Parties, Skate Lessons


I signed up for a two hour group lesson. No experience was necessary but if you have a little that’s ok too. This included a surfboard and wetsuit. The lesson starts on land but I would estimate I was in the ocean surfing for an hour and a half. Honestly it was a GREAT workout.

Once we were in the ocean we broke into groups of 3. So, in the ocean it is 1 instructor to every three students. It was a big group and they were extremely organized in getting everyone into the ocean, surfing and not running into each other! I would say that is no small task. I had taken a lesson once a long time ago when I was in Cocoa Beach. This was much more intense and a lot more surf time.

My instructor, as the name implies, was a local surfer and photographer and all around awesome guy. He kept our group going the whole time. His pointers in the beginning of the session really helped make me aware of the placement of my feet and the bend in the knees making me able to get up and catch a lot of waves.

Towards the end of the lesson when I was feeling tired he also helped by keeping me going with words of encouragement. We stayed in the ocean for full duration of the lesson so when you were not riding in a wave you were keeping yourself in one spot on your board watching the others, listening and learning.

I have been talking about taking some surf lessons for a while and this was definitely a great experience that I would highly recommend. The instructors were top notch, organized and very welcoming. I went alone as part of my “experiment” and met a ton of nice people that made the day even better. I surfed with 2 kick ass women and met some others afterward that I hung out with on the beach afterwards. It was fun to see the eclectic crowd that gathers there on a Saturday for the beach and surf.


SIGNING UP: Take a look at their website,

You can call, email or as I said text. Most importantly you can sign up right there.

Do it, you know you want to! Summer only come’s once per year….and surf’s up!!

Love and Light