Tennis anyone????

Next stop in the quest brought me back to the tennis court. I played a bit as an adolescent but at the time was not very good at all. There were a few reasons for that. I was NOT an natural athlete as a girl. I typically would be one of the last kids picked for a team in gym class. Also, I started wearing glasses in the 7th grade and I was not going to be caught dead in them on a tennis court. At that age my confidence was not at an all time high to say the least.

As a grown woman I have come into my own a bit. I wear contacts now so I can see the ball. I run so chasing a ball down the court didn’t intimidate me. So, I decided to give this a try again. I am not going to lie, the cute outfits were a draw as well. I LOVE workout gear and tennis has some of the cutest outfits so I was down to give this another try.

So, I did a little google search on tennis lessons in my area and found an instructor that was starting summer adult lessons on Friday mornings. Perfect! I showed up the first day not knowing how it would turn out but happy to be trying something new that could be a great sport to add to my wheelhouse.


Here’s the scoop:

– I met an awesome group of ladies who were super supportive of each other which is always a huge plus
– Our instructor is top notch! He works us hard on the basics but still makes it interesting and fun by pushing us to have quick matches throughout the lesson
– One of the hardest skills and best practices to learn to control the ball is just standing there bouncing it on your racket
– Hitting it over the net isn’t as hard as hitting the ball with control
– Being a runner and fit definitely helps the learning curve as running a ball down is not an issue
– Being a lefty gives me some advantages
– It doesn’t take long to be able to have a good volley but a match is a whole different story

So, I have been working on the basics and it is tempting to play with friends but one thing Ed, my instructor, would like us to be careful of is getting out there and playing any old way. As a new player it is your first instinct to just get the ball over the net. We aren’t seeing the big picture yet and are not always using the best form. One of the advantages of being a beginner is that we do not have bad habits yet so it is definitely best to keep it that way!


So, I am on my way. I got a good beginner’s racket, cute outfits, and tennis shoes! More importantly I have a great instructor that will continue lessons indoors in the fall and a lovely group of ladies to learn with.

If you are in the Staten Island/New Jersey are check it out!

Get out there and play a game, move, try something new. You never know what you may enjoy!!


Love and Light