Trampolines for everyone – Bari Studio in Summit, NJ

The next stop on the quest brought me to Summit, NJ. I had the pleasure of trying out what you might call a rebounding class – the call it “Bounce” at Bari Studio in Summit, NJ.


Here is the 411:

1- The vibe is very positive and high energy! I loved that it felt welcoming and as if I was part of what they call their “tribe” as soon as I arrived.
2- This location has nice showers and a stocked bathroom so you can get your workout in and keep your day going without having to go back home.
3- The music in the class was awesome and made definitely added to the fun and high vibes.
4- I came here just as my knee was getting better so I really appreciated a real cardio class.
5- As a newcomer I do not think I could have done all of the moves without feeling like I was falling off the trampoline but as a fit person I felt like I could have pushed myself harder – so if I went back I might do the class while carrying hand weights.
6- I think this is an awesome place if you are looking to work out in a supportive and fun environment with like minded women.
7- Towards the end of the class we also did sculpting work which I truly appreciated.
8- There are many other classes offered besides the Bounce and their signature “Bari one” focuses on 3 elements: sensory floor cardio, trampoline cardio, and muscle sculpting. They work with you at YOUR level.
9- One of my favorite aspects of this Studio is that they also offer other services from mind and body – nutrition is important to them and you have the opportunity to work with one of their nutritionists or health coaches.
10- This studio is for everyone! Those new to working out need not feel intimidated here! I love that!!


It is so nice to drop into a new studio and feel so welcome. At the time I visited Bari I was honestly just coming back from a knee injury and feeling pretty lost. I hadn’t been running and going to my home base gym had become very painful. I was at a point where I took a step back from all I knew and loved and started trying all of these new places. As a displaced fitness junkie I felt so good to be welcomed in a new studio. Much of what I personally love about fitness is the community. It has been my lifeline during the last few years. So, if you are looking for a new and fun routine in a supportive environment I say check out Bari Studio in Summit. I promise you will not be bored and you just may find your tribe!


Check them out, here is the link:

Love and Light