I got my sexy back – you can too!!!

Yes, I am using the “s” word – sexy. It feels cliché but I had some epiphanies recently. Let’s start at the beginning.

I have been circling a lot of the same topics throughout 2016 and 2017. I have talked about healing, self care, rediscovering yourself , taking chances and making time for you. Lately, I have felt a little stuck when I sit down to write. I wasn’t sure why. Now it all makes sense – I wasn’t honing in on the real truth of what I accomplished this past year. I found my inner sexy. I became my authentic self. I am evolving into my best self – I am becoming a goddess in my own right.

I took this photo when I was launching my blog last year. I was not in the best place but I was making big changes and hopeful. Looking back I was feeling so insecure and unsure of my next steps in life. I would love to tell that woman you look great and it is all going to ok!

It’s sort of like Queen Elsa from Frozen. She follows all of the rules the trolls and her parents laid out for her. She is totally hiding her true self. She is constantly trying to remain completely controlled. Then she goes ice crazy! She builds her own castle, lets down her hair and puts on a super sexy dress. She lets it go (hahaha). There is a big lesson for all of us here!

The past year I made a conscious effort to clean all of my slates and really shake it up. I did a lot of digging and just realized yesterday I am close to being the best version of me that ever existed. I think I am better than the me that existed before all of the bullshit happened. Before life “f@#$%’ “ me up. The me that was a shiny new penny. Some days it takes more effort to be that person. Some days I have got it. All I know is I am going to concentrate on being that sexy kitten every single day from now on.

Pole dancing last summer really helped me get back in touch with my sexy self. Dancing, strutting and laughing with beautiful women is one way to have fun and let down your hair!

The last year I have been preparing for a new chapter in my life. I hope to move again this year. I plan to grow my blog and health coaching business. I want to travel to a place I have never been. I will be unapologetically sexy and own my authentic self. I am going to try just being me for a change – not the good girl everyone expects me to be.

Who wants to join?? Who wants to raise the bar on expectations in their life?? Who wants to ask the universe for it all?? Stop playing small. Get back your sexy. Find your groove. Be a goddess. Show the world ALL of your sparkle. Not just the part you think they might like. You deserve it.

This is the revolution I start today!! One by one I will help anyone that needs to find their most confident, vibrant and sexy self. Together we will ask for it all and get it!! Who’s with me????

Love and light,