Progress NOT PERFECTION – Vegetarian FAIL

I decided at the end of October to go meat free for the month of November. I have been mostly plant based for a while now. I made this decision mainly for spiritual reasons. The thing is, I believe all living beings are connected. If I subscribe to that belief – how can I eat living, breathing creatures?

So, it has been mostly very easy. I slipped up once early in the month just by not eating mindfully. I did not realize it until after the fact. Ok, small fail.

Then Thanksgiving came. I initially thought it would be easy because turkey is not the star of the show for me. Then I realized all of my favorite stuffings have sausage in them. Yes, we make 3 different types of stuffing. Then my mom went and bought all sorts of deliciousness for some light antipasto before dinner. Then I made stuffed mushrooms and somehow sausage made its way in. Oy! Not good!


So, I fell off the wagon. I decided not to beat myself up for it ahead of time. I decided to live by the mantra – progress not perfection. So, mentally I let it go.


Now, here is the interesting part!! By the end of the weekend I felt like SHIT. I ate in a way all weekend that is not in line with my beliefs and lifestyle. By Sunday my stomach was a mess. On top of that I hurt my good knee. I was not feeling my best by Monday. So I did what I had planned all along…and I am feeling more like myself already.

Monday I went back to basics. I took away all of the foods I do not need. I only ate and drank things that support my body. Total detox. Some people might look at that as a punishment. I see it as self care. I chose to go back to my best version of self care – eating only food that nourishes me. So this week I will run my 5 day detox – no wheat, dairy, alcohol, bread, meat…just the basics. I feel better already.

Will I ever eat meat again? I don’t know. Today I feel more than ever that I do not want to. I can’t make any promises that I won’t slip and fall again. That is part of life and its beauty. We stumble, we fall and then we get back up. Life is all about balance. We do what we can on any given day – and that is what it means to be enough. Truth is our choices need to be the best only for ourselves.

Love and Light,