I have been struggling to write this past week. I have also been trying to stay off social media. As a rule I try to do a few things in life:

– Not let negative vibes suck the life out of me
– surround myself with positive people
– I do not talk politics

The past week has made it very challenging not to get break or sucked into 2 out of 3 of those rules. Avoiding negative energy has been extremely challenging. You can not go on Facebook without seeing people you know arguing and putting up posts demeaning others points of view. As someone who chooses to bring light and love to everything I do it truly makes me sad.

Then something magical happened. Sunday morning I had a run. It was not just any run. I was able to get out there and keep up with 3 of my favorite mother runner BRF’s (best running friends). We have a group of amazing women that have always trained together. Out of that group 4 of us were able to get it together to have a beautiful Sunday run together. Prior to this I had been on my own because my knee wouldn’t let me keep up with them. Sunday I was able to get in 4.5 miles with these lovely ladies.


So, a typical Sunday run is full of talk of children, husbands, boyfriends, upcoming parties, vacations, worries, work, problems, grooming…you name it. It is better than any therapy session I have ever paid for. It is full of laughter and love. There is no room for negativity. It never even occurs to anyone to be negative within this space.

This simple Sunday morning run fueled me for the day and beyond. It reminded me women (and people in general) are at their best when we are united. I can accomplish a ton on my own but when supported by my sisters I am unstoppable.

Coincidentally, this week I finished a new book I have been reading, “Pussy – A Reclamation” by Regena Thomashauer, the founder of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. She reminds us of the importance of sisterhood in this world. She reminds us that women are the source of all life on this planet. Every single one of us is a miracle of God or the universe. We are here because a woman carried us and brought us into this world. She reminds us that when we stand together magical things happen in our lives. I leave you with this excerpt:

“She knows that no matter if she is under a burka in Afghanistan, sitting in a lounge chair at the Beverly Hills Hotel, crawling through the rubble of a recent bombing in Syria, setting her foot on a red caret in Cannes, cleaning a bathroom, or running a board meeting at a Fortune 500 company – every woman on this planet is her sister, and every woman on this planet is the Goddess.”


I share this to remind us all that no matter our differences, we are all one. We all have a common goal of a happy, healthy life. It is my choice to build that by going back to the business at hand of surrounding myself with good people and positive vibes. I pray you do the same. We can do it in a yoga class, on a run or just meeting a good friend for coffee. Connect with yourself and your world. It is still beautiful out there – beyond the computer screen!

Love and light,